Car Diagnostics

With the latest diagnostic testing equipment at our disposal, we are able to use this technology to identify and solve problems, without having to waste time searching for clues.

We can access the vehicle’s computer system and receive coded messages to pinpoint problem areas.
This sophisticated system is both rapid and accurate and is performed by our qualified technicians, who are able to not only highlight existing problems, but also recognize potential future troubles and as a consequence, get them sorted before they escalate into a more serious matter.

This is extremely cost effective for the customer, as the likelihood is that undetected faults will very often develop into major and therefore expensive, problems.

This diagnostic kit enables us to quickly assess and advise our customers accordingly.
The team has expert knowledge in relation to the complexities of the modern computerized engines, plus we are supported by all the advanced manufacturers’ data, giving us all the tools to successfully ascertain, previously unidentifiable faults.

If you have a recurring problem, book your vehicle in with us and our diagnostics team will quickly get to the route cause, and deliver a solution.

Written by Steve