Brakes & Clutch

Every component within the make up of a motor vehicle has a crucial role to play towards its performance and safety, and this is certainly true of both the clutch and the brakes.
If the clutch is not functioning correctly, it severely affects the running of the car, and it is absolutely critical that the breaking system is in good working order, for obvious reasons.
At Auto Impulse our team of highly skilled technicians will ensure both these key aspects receive maintenance of the highest standard.

The clutch plays a vital role in the smooth running of a vehicle, and our team is well versed in identifying and fixing symptoms that cause juddering, slipping, dragging, or excessive fierceness.
Thing such as low frequency vibration, lack of acceleration and noisy gear changes, are common indications that there is a problem.
There are many potential causes for clutch failings: loose or worn engine mountings, misalignment, seized mechanisms, buckled or defective plates and seized bearings, are just a few.

Anything that stops the clutch operating as it should, can greatly reduce the performance level of the vehicle.
Therefore it is important to get the problem solved as quickly as possible, not just from a motoring view point, but also economically, as the fuel consumption will rise rapidly whilst a vehicle is failing to be run to its maximum potential.

At the first sign of anything being wrong with the brakes, it is crucial that a vehicle is inspected. This becomes even more important if the suspicion is that the problem lies with the front brake discs, as these play a greater role in stopping the car.
Hydraulic circuits in most modern cars rely on cylinders that can operate front, back, or both.

There will also be a load-sensitive pressure-limiting valve. Any malfunction of any of these items can cause locking, and create a dangerous situation.

Corrosion can be a factor in failing brakes, as can distortion, but our expert workforce can quickly determine faults and replace parts, irrespective of whether they are discs, pads, shoes, or drums.
All modern cars are hugely sophisticated, but still need a reliable braking system to control speed.
Consequently, you can be assured of a thorough examination and comprehensive overhaul of the entire system, before our team will be content to release a vehicle back to a customer.

If you suspect that there may be something not quite right with either your clutch or brakes, there is a very good chance you will be correct.

Make sure you book yourself in at Auto Impulse and we will do the rest.

Written by Steve